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Wearable Augmented Reality Systems

What is wearable augmented reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is a field that is technologically closely related to virtual reality but is conceptually far apart. Instead of attempting to immerse the user in an alternative virtual environment, AR enhances the user's perception of the real world in which the user is already immersed. This is acheived by superimposing, or compositing, information such as virtual 3D objects, so instead of replacing the real world with a virtual one, we supplement it with additional information. Thus virtual objects can exist in the user's perception of the real world. To qualify as a real AR system, the technologies used should ensure that the user's motion is tracked in three-dimensions and that the system responds to user interaction in real-time.

A wearable AR system is an AR system which can be carried around. Typically, the user wears a backpack with a portable computer in it, and wears an optical see-though head-mounted display, headphones, and motion tracking devices. The portable computer is usually connected to other computers using a wireless network.

In summary, AR is an interactive technology which mixes the real and virtual information, where the user is tracked in three-dimensions in real-time.

AR research at Halden Virtual Reality Centre

We are currently working on a series of experiments in the Halden Reactor where we are investigating the use of AR technology to enhance radiation awareness of workers. This is achieved by enabling the user to see, hear, and feel radiation levels, which are otherwise invisible, silent, non-physical, phenomena.


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