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VR Examples

Note that this is copyright material. Please do not redistribute our models without our permission. Should you wish to use or make screenshots or videos of our work for lectures, demonstrations, publications, company magazines, etc., in any form, then you may do so as long as you give us credit. Redistribution of our software is prohibited without written permission from us. Thank you.

HVRC Software and Projects

See our Products page for information about the sofware that we have to offer and to see screenshots .

Below is a list of links to the download pages for some of the software that can be downloaded from this site:

For additional examples of practical uses of VR, see:

VRML Environments

Below are interactive three-dimensional environments that illustrate some of the projects that Halden Virtual Reality Centre worked on in 1996-2000 that we consider of general interest.

To use these VRML environments, you need a VRML 97 compliant VRML plug-in for your web-browser, or a dedicated VRML 97 browser. These models were originally design and tested using Cosmo Player, which is no longer available, however they should run on any ISO VRML97 compliant viewer/plugin such as those from Blaxxun (Windows), ParallelGraphics (Windows and Mac OS), or Octaga (Windows).

Sizes given below include textures and audio.

Conceptual Control Room.
The development of control room philosophies based on user-centered design principles and task analysis is one of IFE's major areas of human factors research. This is a conceptual control room for a nuclear power plant that was created to visualise a generic control room philosophy. Approx. 850k.
Oskarshamn Control Room Design.
We have worked on several control room design projects where operators, human factors specialists, interior architects, and others have used VR tools in the design process. This virtual prototype is a design iteration of a new control room for a Swedish power plant. Approx. 175k.
Halden Reactor.
This is an educational presentation of the Halden Reactor. It explains the various reactor components and circuits, and demonstrates what happens when the reactor is started or stopped. Note that textual information in this model is currently available in Norwegian only. Approx. 80k.
Halden Town Bridge.
This is a model of a footbridge bridge erected in Halden to commemorate the new millenium . This model was made about a year before the bridge was constructed to see how it would look in its urban surroundings. Click on the sun/moon icon in the model to switch between night and day views of the model. Approx. 1.6Mb.
Fredriksten Fortress
Fredriksten Fortress is a characteristic landmark in Halden and one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions. This interactive VR model started out in 1998 as a student project using high-end immersive VR software and hardware in our VR lab but has since been converted to VRML for Internet tourists. Approx. 1.9Mb.
Cofrentes Reactor Plant
Optimising existing CAD data to enable real-time walkthrough of plants for planning maintenance, construction and decommissioning is an interesting area for us. This model is of a Spanish nuclear plant. This is a large model and will not run smoothly unless you have a fast computer. Approx. 550k.
A swingcoaster can be great fun for kids of all ages! This model and the associated animation was created by Chris Longhurst. We have converted it to VRML for your pleasure. Approx. 203k.

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