Latest release: 4.2 - 29 February 2024



3D Model Packages

Packages for updating the Model Bank. Install using the Model Bank Tool.

4.0.x to 4.1 Model Data Updater package
- if you have updated a server from 4.0.x using the CREATE Server Updater, and wish to update to the full set of 3D models distributed with 4.1, then install this package.
Model Data Updater package (last updated: 29 February 2024)
- If you have performed a full install of the CREATE 4 server (or updated to 4.1 and have already installed the 3.0/4.0 to 4.1 model data updater above) then you can use this updater to install new model data added since the 4.1 release.

Review Guideline Sets

Guideline Set packages for the Guideline Database. Install using the Guideline Tool.


NUREG 0700 - Please read the notes for NUREG 0700 before downloading any of the NUREG 0700 guideline sets below.

CRIOP 2003 - Please read the notes for CRIOP 2003 before downloading the CRIOP 2003 guideline set below.

Templates - Templates for making design and review guideline sets

  • Download and unarchive templates for preparing design and review guideline sets.

Example Layout Packages

Examples layouts. Install using the Layout Tool.

Control Suite example - Gallery example


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Contact HVRC CREATE Support at create-support@ife.no.
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