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Latest release: February 2022 (Version 2.2.2, Release Notes).


Real-time Radiation Protection and Optimisation Software

HVRC VRdose is a real-time software tool for modelling and characterising nuclear environments, planning a sequence of activities in the modelled environment, optimising protection against radiation, and producing job plan reports with dose estimates. The VRdose Planner offers the possibility to refine the radiological model to improve the accuracy of estimates and configure the dosimetric output provided. The software can also be used as an aid to producing post-work review reports, with real measurements included. Furthermore, the software provides support for presenting information to different types of users for briefing and decision-making, thus serving as an aid to communication between stakeholders in an intervention..

Product information: HVRC VRdose Flyer (PDF) and HVRC VRdose System Overview (PDF)

Installing HVRC VRdose

We recommend that new users start by reading the Read Me file, then download a HVRC VRdose installer and the User Documentation. The user documentation includes an extensive tutorial that covers most of the functionality of the software and a copy of a paper on benchmark test results.

By downloading the HVRC VRdose installer you agree with the HVRC VRdose License.

Running the software for the first time will require a license file to be installed. Please contact IFE at vrdose-support@ife.no to request a license files for your users.

If you plan to develop your own plugin calculators then you could request access to a software development kit (SDK) by contacting IFE.

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